Are Teenagers Really Ready To Go Back To Normal?

0 0 For a year, we’ve worried about our kids’ mental health as they cope with social isolation, remote school, health anxiety. Now, a return to in-person classrooms and the resumption of some kind of normal life carries fresh concerns: How will kids actually re-acclimate? We might be excited for our kids to go back […]

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mindset in 20 Minutes

3 0 By Susan C. Foster | August 30, 2016  Mindset is a set of attitudes, says Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford psychologist, who discovered after years of research that dedication, hard work and resilience are much more important to growth and success than brains or talent. When we change our mindset to one of […]

5 Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of Social Anxiety And Depression

0 0   Power of Positivity Lakeisha E March 02, 2021 Depression and social anxiety are both sadly common disorders, and they’re often comorbid with each other. Their symptoms of social anxiety and depression link closely together. Unfortunately, both can make them a big handful to manage and get under control. It can be challenging […]

5 Early Warning Signs of A Child With Mental Health Problems

0 0 Power of Positivity February 09, 2018 Worldwide 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders. Half of all illnesses in mental health begin by the age of 14 … If untreated, these conditions severely influence children’s development, their educational attainments and their potential to live fulfilling and productive lives. ~ World Health Organization […]

Working From Home Yes, Even With Children!

0 0   One new challenge that many parents are facing is naviga4ng a new world of working from home, with a child home as well! Whether it is the inability to find a quiet place to work, constant interrup4ons while working or maybe trying to find the 4me to work when there is so […]