Positive Self Talk



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There are several well-known benefits to positivity. People who consider themselves positive can expect to live longer, be healthier, have more friends, do better in school and in their career, make more money. These are all benefits we can probably all agree would be great to have. But how can we become positive and reap the benefits?

One effective and simple way to help you be a more positive person is positive self-talk. Everyone has an internal dialogue. This dialogue can be both negative and positive. Shifting your inner voice to be more positive than negative can greatly improve your performance and general well-being. If you have a habit of hosting an negative inner dialogue, the shift can be challenging, and it will take time, but if you keep your eyes on the benefits you are looking to gain, there are ways you can strengthen your positive inner-voice on a daily basis.

Counter Negatives with a Positive:

Turn “I can’t do this” into “This is a challenge, but I’ve got it!” and “This is impossible” to “This is all brand new to me, but I am ready to learn!” How Are You Feeling?: Some days we feel more negative than others, and default to our negative thoughts. When you catch yourself feeling like you are having a “bad day”, evaluate your self-talk and consider ways to turn it around.

You Are Who You Hang Out With:

It is easy to take on the emotions of those around you. Surround yourself with positive people when you can.


Simple, positive words can be enough to redirect your thoughts. Use the environments you spend the most time (office, bedroom, bathroom) to post inspiring words and images.

Positive self-talk is a habit formed over a lifetime. Keep at it and enjoy the positive benefits!