Working From Home Yes, Even With Children!



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One new challenge that many parents are facing is naviga4ng a new world of working from home, with a child home as well! Whether it is the inability to find a quiet place to work, constant interrup4ons while working or maybe trying to find the 4me to work when there is so much to be done for your child, it is not an easy task! With some planning, scheduling and prepara4on you can avoid noise and interrup4ons and be focused and produc4ve at your new work environment.

• Consistency is key! Whenever possible, make your work from home time the same time every day. Teach your child that between these hours you are working and are unable to entertain them.

• While you want your child to know you are unavailable during the time you are working, you also want them to feel safe and know that you are available for emergencies. Just make sure to outline in advance what an emergency is, otherwise, you may find yourself with an interruption over a missing video game or lack of fruit snacks!

  • In addition to feeling safe, you also want your child to feel important. Let them know that their needs are still being met, even though you are working. If possible, set them up with a planned activity during the time you are working, so they are busy independently and not feeling left out having “free time”.
  • A great way to reinforce their behavior while you are working is to establish a reward system when you are done with work. For this to be most effective, the reward needs to be given immediately after you work time is complete. Do not honor the reward if your child interrupts your work for a non-emergency. One of the best, effective and free reward you can give your child is one-on-one time with you.